Requirements to suppliers

The market success of our products depends substantially on these factors: quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation, cost structure and environmentally sound manufacturing. We expect comprehensive support from our suppliers and service providers. Continuous improvement is central to our success, and includes all processes as well as suppliers. We expect our suppliers to be certified according to ISO 9001, including a documented environmental system, and to fulfill the Wieland material data requirements, and the regulations of RoHS and REACH. Competitive conditions, the highest quality and security of supply – at our company, these are mandatory standards.

Your contact to us

If your delivery and service scope meets our requirements, by all means apply to us as a potential supplier. Please fill out the questionnaire for supplier self-assessmant (see download at the end of this page) and send it to us at: By providing information that is as current and complete as possible, you establish the basis for us to select inquiries suitable for you.


Coil form metal: ferrous and non-ferrous semi-finished coils
Metal profiles: brass profiles, brass rods, copper profiles, copper rods
High pressure casting: die-cast aluminum, die-cast zinc
Screws: manufacturer's screws, dealer's screws, non-standard screws
Punched/formed parts, turned parts, mounting rails, bent wire parts
Springs: contact springs, leaf springs, pressure springs, leg springs


Plastic granulate: PA 6, PA 66, PA 6 GF, PA 66 GF, PA 666 V0, PC
Injection molded plastic parts
Rubber seals: punched parts, molded parts and water jet


Cable on reels, rubber sheathed cables, twin-core cables, flat cables,
cables with plug, pre-assembles cables, connection cables, spiral cables, cable accessories


Cardboard packaging, blanks, sample cases
Packaging accessories such as adhesive tapes, labels and printed material

Electronic components

Diodes and transistors
Light-emitting diodes and optical couplers
Operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, converters
Controllers and processors
Capacitors and resistors


Electromechanical components

Switches, buttons, potentiometers
Printed circuit boards