The Future of Room Automation - compact, modular, pluggable

gesis® FLEX

The compact and decentralised pluggable housing concept allows the use of small inspection openings for installation. Due to the modular construction, different applications can easily be implemented. Due to its high degree of prefabrication, the consistent connection via coded connectors ensures a quick and fault free installation. It will remain flexible in future due to the use of the standardised KNX system and its’ modular construction.

Video: gesis® FLEX

Modular devices for flexible and decentralised installation

gesis® RM

This modular system, available for KNX networks, is usually integrated by Wieland into project-specific gesis® RAN distribution boxes for decentralised building automation and delivered fully assembled. This provides maximum flexibility because it also enables the installation of third-party components whilst having the option of exploiting the pluggability of the distribution box.

Modular devices for structured and sustainable installation

gesis® EIB V

The shallow housing concept allows for the installation in a very limited space. The space is optimally used and structured via a direct connection to the flat cable. Due to  of its high degree of prefabrication, the consistent pluggability ensures its quick and correct installation, which will remain flexible in the future due to the standardised KNX system. The easy integration of the maintenance-free EnOcean systems offers further advantages.

Room automation and system devices

gesis® KNX

Further sensors and system components are needed in order to set up the KNX system and operate it optimally. Presence and motion detectors enable occupancy-related and needs-based control, while a room thermostat and the corresponding valves provide energy-efficient air conditioning. Finally, all field devices are connected, configured, and monitored with couplers, routers, and interfaces.

Radio-controlled modular devices for independent units

gesis® RC

This series uses the maintenance-free EnOcean radio system for communication. As a result, the sensors (buttons) can be installed without wires or batteries exactly where they are needed, including on glass walls. With the help of gateways to KNX the devices can also be integrated into the primary building automation. To enable outdoor use as well, water-proof components up to IP68 are also available.