Installation connector

gesis® CON

The components of product family GST18®, certified according to IEC 61535, are suitable for the installation of lighting systems, switches, sun blinds and power sockets. Mechanical coding facilitates clear separation of different applications within the same system. In addition, the connector colour identifies the connections that belong together. Mis-mating is thereby virtually eliminated.

Installation connector

gesis® MINI

This is a product family that has been designed specifically for confined spaces. It combines a minimum of size with a maximum of flexibility. Thus it is the perfect system for retail displays and tradeshow booth construction. Short installation times and simple modifications - these are the decisive factors. And as the connectivity interface for pre-wired consumer devices, lights, office and kitchen furnishings: gesis® MINI clearly demonstrates its strengths.

Miniature connector

gesis® MICRO

With the product family gesis® MICRO, you can now install lighting in display cabinets and shelves in hard to reach places - and in the most simple fashion imaginable. This makes the electrical wiring in your furnishings "invisible"; nothing distracts the eye from the essentials. Because gesis® MICRO is perfectly matched to the entire gesis® family, you achieve a completely integrated system.

Low voltage connector

gesis® NV

You can also profit with the gesis® system’s advantages in low voltage technology. With the pluggable BST14 system, you can install signal applications. Mechanical coding and clear assignment with different colors facilitate the installation.
And, by using pluggable electronic transformers, it is possible to directly change over from the main supply to the two distinct low-voltage product lines: ST16 or ST17.

Lighting connection system

gesis® TOP

Wieland is well known for innovation in pluggable installations. Simple – safe – fast – flexible are the guiding principles for our actions. The trend-setting gesis® TOP, proven millions of times, facilitates the cost-effective connection of each individual luminaire. With it we have set another milestone in the world of pluggability.

Lighting connection system

gesis® LINECT

The extensive and universally applied LINECT system offers pluggable connections for your luminaires – and is also, of course, based on the proven Wieland gesis® system.

Flat cable systems

gesis® NRG

With the selection of a flat cable system, all the advantages of a modern electrical installation are on your side. Tap-offs can be mounted anywhere – quickly and reliably without cutting the cable, because the connection is made by piercing technology. The contact is made through an insulation-penetrating connection technology. Five systems with different conductor cross sections are available – enabling you to distribute power or signals.

Installation distribution boxes

gesis® RAN

Reliably servicing a multitude of buildings - gesis® RAN pluggable distribution boxes eliminate labour intensive discrete wiring from decentralised power distribution and automation installations. All distribution boxes are individually tested before delivery, thereby guaranteeing termination and connectivity reliability for the system.

Planning software

gesis® PLAN

The planning and visualisation software gesis® PLAN is a very user-friendly tool; with it, pluggable electrical installations can be conveniently designed and calculated. The software supports specialist planners as well as system integrators, architects and builders during building design, bidding, and construction.