Power supplies


Power supplies perform a central function in control cabinets. Their reliability has a great deal of impact on machine uptime and process productivity.
Our offering consists of single and three-phase devices for installation in control cabinets in the current range 1.25 to 40 A DC.

Coupling relays / solid state relays

flare MOVE

Interface relays are used for electrical isolation and potential-free switching operations, and are also available in modular pluggable versions for frequent switching applications. With a width starting at 6.2 mm they pack a lot of functionality into a compact footprint. The solid-state semiconductor relays are suitable for wear-free switching at lower capacities.

Timer and switching relays

flare TIME

The electronic timer relays flare TIME are perfectly suited for standard monitoring and control tasks, to control process operations to the nearest second. Depending on the application, multi-voltage and multifunctional relays are available.

Measuring and monitoring relays


Electronic measurement and monitoring relays for measuring input quantities such as current, voltage, phase, cos Phi, temperature and isolation resistance. Our relays perform monitoring tasks in machines and systems.

Analog amplifier


Analog amplifiers and signal conditioners for measurement of current, voltage and temperature in industrial environments, all with the highest precision. They prevent disturbances from impacting the measurement result and therefore ensure a proper control loop and control circuit result. This ensures high system and machine availability, and saves real money.

Overvoltage protection


Surge protection devices for voltage and signal interference protect electrical and electronic systems against high-power overvoltage caused, for example, by lightning strikes. Versions designed specifically for photovoltaic applications, as well as devices certified for use in North and Central America, are also available.