The classical industrial

revos BASIC

The classic heavy duty connector. The die-cast aluminum housing with a powder-coated surface provides reliable protection. The contact inserts are available in 6 to 92- pole designs. revos BASIC masters the toughest requirements and is used, for example, in wind power systems, construction machinery and utility vehicles, in machine building and facility engineering, as well as in plastic injection moulding machines and smaller drives.

The powerful

revos POWER

The powerful high-current connector from Wieland Electric. The contact inserts and adapter units are designed for currents up to 100 A, and are also available in mixed amperage contact versions - perfectly protected inside the standard housing of the revos BASIC series. revos POWER is used in wind power systems, construction machinery and utility vehicles, the machine building and facility engineering sectors, as well as in larger drives.

The high density

revos HD

revos HD is the specialist for connections with an increased number of contacts. The robust housings accommodate contact inserts with 15 to 64 poles and are designed for currents up to 10 A, according to DIN EN 17 5301-801. The strengths of revos HD are exemplified not only in machine building and facility engineering, but also in escalators, small motors and injection molding machines.

The compact

revos DD

The highest contact density in the most compact footprint – this is what the space-saving inserts of revos DD offer. They fit into the revos BASIC housing sizes 6/6H-, 10/10H-, 16/16H- and 24/24H. Connection is made with the high quality turned crimp contacts, with a connection range from 0.14 to 2.5 mm² at a rated voltage of 250 V.

The flexible

revos FLEX

Searching for a customized heavy duty connector designed for your application?  No problem with revos FLEX. With this modular, flexible system you can equip your connector to perfectly fit your need. A clever solution for all tasks in wind power systems, machine building and facility engineering, measurement and control technology, as well as in the automotive industry.

The Mini

revos MINI

Every bit as strong, just smaller! Thanks to its compact contact inserts with 3 to 12 poles, revos MINI fits into machine building, control and switchgear applications as well as small motors and lighting technology. With connector housings in die-cast zinc or polyamide, revos MINI withstands even the toughest of application conditions.

For EX areas

revos Ex

In hazardous areas such as mining or the chemical industry, electrical components have to perform while maintaining the highest requirements. The revos Ex series provides heavy duty connectors specifically for those systems where EX protection is mandatory. The BVS testing institute has approved revos Ex for use in Zone 1 for intrinsic circuits.

For data cables

revos IT

Data cable feed-throughs sometime also require the protection of a heavy duty connector housing. revos IT is the ideal solution. With this product series preassembled cables can be fed into panels, while maintaining IP integrity, with strain relief, and without modifying the harness. D-Sub connectors are available in a range of 9 to 100-pole connectors. revos IT thus protects data transmission between control, measurement and encoder lines.