• 25.11.2019


The road to the Smart Factory does not have to be complicated - this is exactly what the IIoT starter kits, presented by Wieland Electric at SPS 2019, stand for. The starter kits consist of an IIoT gateway with VPN service and integrated IoT PLC, as well as one year of free cloud access on the wienetCloud portal. Also included is a Quick Start Guide for initial commissioning and for connecting the gateway to the wienetCloud.

The wienet IIoT gateways included in the starter kits enable simple and secure connection of devices and systems to the Internet and support Modbus TCP as well as serial interfaces such as Modbus RTU via RS232/485. The gateways offer an OPC UA server function for transferring data to all OPC UA-enabled cloud systems. In the future, they will also have an OPC UA client for full support of the open communication standard. In addition to the Kolibri protocol for communication with the wienetCloud, the wienet IIoT gateways enable data transmission via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). This allows data to be connected directly from the gateway to other systems and cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS Cloud. The open message protocol shows its strengths where a reliable transmission of messages via unreliable - for example mobile - networks is required. It is easy to use even on devices with little memory and computing power with high performance, and is particularly suitable for the communication of sensors, actuators, mobile phones or embedded systems in vehicles where bandwidth and energy are limited. Since the gateways also have a mobile radio modem, they are not dependent on the user's IT infrastructure and can be operated anywhere where supply voltage and mobile radio reception are available.

Also included in the IIoT starter kit is a one-year free cloud access to the wienetCloud portal. The scalable, browser-based platform allows the collected data to be monitored, analyzed and evaluated. Since access is possible from anywhere in the world - even via mobile devices – a quick reaction is possible and local processes can be optimized. Handling is simple: After registering to the wienetCloud portal, the user is given access to their individual platform. This is where customer projects can be created and devices added. Each user can set up their own dashboard to visualize the machine utilization, errors or maintenance-relevant information.

During the initial use, users are supported by the enclosed Quick Start Guide. The compact manual explains and illustrates step by step how to connect the gateways to the wienetCloud and also contains a link to the IP tool from Wieland, which enables simple and quick configuration of the gateways.

With the IIoT starter kits, Wieland Electric offers optimal starter packages with intelligent hardware and software components for the simple implementation of IIoT applications.


PR IIoT-Starterkits

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IIOT Starter Kit Gateway

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