• 27.11.2018
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Wieland presents a complete hands-on cloud solution for mechanical engineering 

Easy introduction into IIoT cloud applications with Wieland IIoT CLOUD SERVICES

Effective immediately, Wieland offers a complete hands-on cloud solution to facilitate the entry of medium-sized suppliers into services concerning all aspects of the Industrial Internet of Things. Within the scope of IIoT CLOUD SERVICES, users are assisted with hardware, cloud, service and support from a single source. The scalable solution streamlines the entry into IIoT applications and enables practical further processing of machine data, retrievable worldwide. Machinery manufacturers can thus close the gap between production and service and gain a clear competitive advantage.

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), new opportunities are opening up for remote monitoring and control of machines, for sensor-controlled supply chains and also for Big Data-capable diagnostics. In order to provide users all the necessary transformation building blocks they need, Wieland is completing its portfolio with the wienet CLOUD IIoT portal and the IIoT gateways, and enables the implementation of IIoT applications using a simply modular design principle.

Via the wienet CLOUD IIoT gateways, all data that users require in the cloud are made available or retrieved. Communication via firewall ensures the highest level of security, and the data transfer is encrypted. In addition, the IIoT gateway solution features controllable data volume and low latency time. The wienet CLOUD in turn provides an easy, secure and configurable cloud portal. The individually adaptable dashboard indicates current machine data and statuses at a glance and enables the visualization of relevant data worldwide at any time – on both PCs and mobile devices.

Even existing machines can be equipped with the wienet CLOUD solutions and be made fit for the future. Thus, Wieland gives machinery manufacturers a simple complete cloud solution that supports effective preventive maintenance as well as high manufacturing flexibility, in addition to generating added value through services.


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