Quality is our utmost priority. Our concept of quality encompasses all aspects of development, manufacturing and sales. This applies not only to our technical products but also to our services. In this, we seek continuous improvement in order to offer you reliable products and innovative solutions.

Quality Management System

The manufacturing of our products and the continuous improvement of environmental performance are supported by a process-oriented management system. The system represents an essential element of documented company knowledge. For this purpose, we have obtained matrix certification according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and additional standards.



Our products are our passion. Their quality is our pledge. Driven to create extremely durable and functional products, we can look back on many years of experience. Our products are continuously improved and checked. This is how we ensure the best possible quality for you.


Do you have any questions? In addition to our planning tools, please do not hesitate to consult our industry experts.


Safety is our top priority. That is why we offer comprehensive training programs for prospects. The targeted courses are conducted by experts. In hands-on seminars, you will gain up-to-date expert knowledge on laws, guidelines and standards in a concise format. We help you maintain an overall perspective on functional safety!


We deliver our products with a delivery reliability rate of over 95%

  • in the right quantity
  • at the agreed time
  • at your desired destination

Environmental protection

As a family enterprise, we also take responsibility for the environment. As early as in the design stage, we pay close attention to saving resources in the subsequent manufacturing process. Existing raw materials are used completely wherever possible, and waste is recycled in a targeted manner. Our environmental management system, which is geared toward ISO 14001:2015 and EMAS certification, is a testimony to our success.

Our solutions and products are used in sustainable forms of energy. In the field of renewable energy, we provide efficient electrical installation solutions for wind power and solar plants, among others. In addition to clean energy production, we also promote energy savings in facilities. Through our innovative concepts in facility automation, we lower energy demand by 30% and heating demand by 50%. With our solutions and components, we thus support clean and efficient energy generation.

conflict minerals

The quality of our products includes the fair sourcing of the materials. We explicitly refrain from so-called conflict minerals. 

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our numbers regarding Environmental protection

Renewable Energy

In our company, we exclusively use renewable energy - for our buildings and our production. 

Energy Saving

We significantly reduce your need for electrical energy. 

Heat Energy

With our systems you save not only electrical energy but also heating energy. 

100%renewable energy
30%saving of energy
50%less heating energy


ISO 9001 - Certificate

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Management Manual - Brochure

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ISO 9001 - Certificate

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REACH - Customer Information

201907_REACH_Regulation_V25 | 92 KB

ISO 14001 - Certificate

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Conflict Minerals - Declaration

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