IIoT Gateways

With our IIoT gateways not only do we offer safe transfer of your machine data to the cloud, we also simultaneously integrate the functions of a VPN router, thereby enabling remote access to your machine from anywhere in the world.

IIoT Gateway with integrated VPN functions


The integration of VPN functionality into our IIoT gateways allows us to offer considerable capability in just one device. The gateway therefore performs all the tasks required for entry into the IIoT: collecting, preprocessing, and selecting machine data and transmitting such data to the cloud. At the same time, you can perform remote diagnostics from anywhere in the world and access your machine remotely. As a result, our IIoT gateways provide the best possible information process and a quick remote service – in just one device.

Starter kit
This will make your entry into the IIoT so easy

Our starter kits are the best and most cost-effective choice for your entry into the IIoT. Included in the kit is, firstly, the gateway with VPN service and integrated IoT-PLC. The starter kit hardware supports the field bus protocols Profibus, Modbus TCP as well as serial interfaces such as Modbus RTU via RS232/485. Our IIoT gateway starter kit also covers functions such as OPC UA server and MQTT client. 

With one-year free cloud access, we offer you the opportunity to build your IIoT application step by step. You will benefit from comprehensive guidance on how to integrate this properly into your machine network. We will handle the transfer to your production server for you. This will provide you with a quick and easy entry into the Industrial Internet of Things. 


Cloud connection – a one-stop solution

In combination with our wienet cloud, our IIoT gateways are the perfect solution for your entry into the Industrial Internet of Things. Take advantage of a tailor-made infrastructure for your machine data and optimize your processes with our solutions.  

Read more about the iiot-solutions


Thanks to numerous interfaces, our IIoT gateways are also suitable for modified machines in the form of a retrofit. Alongside connection to the wienet cloud, our devices also, through MQTT, have another interface that allows maximum variety in the data communication for your application. 

Many variants

  • Starter kit
  • Mini/ Small/ Basic gateway
  • Gateways with extended fieldbus
    • Profibus DP
    • Profinet I/O
    • Ethernet IP
    • ...

Simple communication

  • WLAN
  • 3G mobile communications
  • Wired WAN

Open to third-party systems

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SAP

For other systems contact us.


Even after the IIoT gateways have been commissioned, we will be on hand to assist you. Together with our partners, we will develop a customized IIoT solution for your application and will constantly work on optimizing your processes. We will support you continuously as part of our expert training programs and will be available to answer any questions you may have at any time regarding your IIoT application. 


Dimensions46 x 105 x 78 cm (Starter kit 115-W: 37 x 97 x 62 cm)
Weight78 (Starter kit 115-W: 62)
Operating temperature0°C to 55 °C
Storage temperature-20°C  to 60°C
HousingPowder-coated sheet steel (starter kit 115-W: plastic)
Mounting methodTop-hat rail
Protection classIP 20 to IP 29
CertificationCE, RoHS, EMC emission, EMC immunity, Low Voltage Directive, R&TTE Directive, protection class
VPN router as single module
Our device for remote maintenance of your machine 
Industrial router

wienet IP Tool for IIoT Gateway

This wienet IP tool for IIoT Gateway simplifies the integration into the machine network. It helps with the Identification and view of all devices in the network - the gateway can be found in the network easily even if the IP address has changed. Its biggest perk is the considerable time saving during implementation or adjustment of the gateway.

Watch now


Our IP tool makes it even easier to configure our IIoT gateways. The intuitive, uncluttered web interface will enable you to configure the network settings of the Ethernet interfaces quickly and without any problems. Try the tool today!

Try the free software today – you are only a few clicks away. All you have to do is fill in the following form

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wienet industrial automation

0810.1 | 10 MB

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