Workshop Cyber Risk Management for Plants and Machines

In this workshop, you will develop an individual risk analysis in a team according to the Cyber-FMEA procedure in order to assess threats and effects in the area of IT security. Based on the risk report generated in the workshop with using supporting software tools, you will derive detailed measures and a security roadmap for your system based on the highest risk scores. The approach presented and practiced in the workshop can be directly incorporated into your company's quality system as a component of risk management. Executive management is provided with a decision basis for the economic evaluation of cyber risks.

ContentsReview of the prepared cyberthreat model and security assets
Identification and classification of damage effects
Development of input variables for the Cyber-FMEA for all assets in working groups
Review of the automatically generated cyber risk report
Identification of "Low Hanging Fruits" and derivation of security measures
Creation of a security roadmap.
The workshop preferably ends with a management presentation.
Duration2 day workshop (plus individual preparatory work)
A video conference (approx. 2h) for preparation
Price8.630 € (excl. VAT) per workshop including certificate of participation 
Target groupThis tailor-made workshop is aimed at a specialist team of 8 - 12 participants. The focus is on a specific product or product architecture, the scope and focus are agreed in advance. The team should cover the following competencies: IT architecture (network, interfaces, protocols), software architecture, application knowledge (use cases, effects of malfunctions), product management, project management, decision-making authority.
RequirementsDocuments on the installation, in particular on the communication architecture, are made available in advance (if necessary with a non-disclosure agreement) in order to facilitate the preparation of the threat model. A video conference (approx. 2h) serves for explanation and voting.
DocumentationThreat model 
Risk report 
Action plan with roadmap 
Software tool for risk modelling for use (Excel)
Size of seminar8 - 12 participants
Dateon request (in-house training)
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