• 26.06.2019

Wieland Electric offers diagnosis-capable industrial protocol switches that can be directly integrated

Wieland Electric has expanded its portfolio of managed switches by variants that are ideal for use in Profinet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP networks. The wienet industrial protocol switches of the FS range can be directly integrated in the hardware planning, so that the machine network becomes part of the overall automation solution within the safety environment. This enables scanning the network topology, facilitating the identification of the individual participants. Comprehensive diagnostic data enable the efficient management of the quality and utilization of the network at all times. In addition, the switches feature a particularly compact design and, thanks to their ambient temperature range of -40 to +75 °C, are so robust they can be deployed in a broad range of industrial applications.


We offer variants with 8 or 16 ports that can be integrated in the automation environment directly or via a GSDML file and that offer integrated diagnostic functions down to Ethernet device level and port level. As part of the network, the wienet switches use SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to transfer diagnostic information like network load and port statistics to the relevant controller or automation environment. The switches are configured via the web interface, where you can also configure VLANs or forward the network traffic directly to another port via port mirroring. If a protocol analyzer receiving the mirrored data is placed on this port, analyses and troubleshooting measures can be performed without impairing the client on the original port.


The wienet industrial protocol switches are certified according to Conformance Class B and thus support a high availability of the IO system, which is particularly important for process automation and process engineering applications. In addition, they offer versatile ring protocols, enabling the creation of flexible ring topologies, which also increases network availability.


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