All seminars are held in German language. Exclusive In-house seminars in English language are possible on request.


No matter if you are head of production, machine setter, machine builder or service technician - safety of machinery and facilities concerns all. Therefore Wieland is offering seminars for all interested parties. The focused seminars are held by experts of the respective subjects like liability, legal basics, technical or normative issues. We support you in keeping the overview in the area of functional safety! In practical seminars we provide know-how on laws, directives and standards in compressed form. Like this you can further focus yourself on your core business and may keep on track with respect to safety without big efforts.

01.09.20201 dayFundamentals of functional safetyHanover, gerBAS
04.11.20201 dayFundamentals of functional safetyBamberg, gerBAS
02.09.20201 dayRetrofit of used machineryhanover, gerRET
03.09.20201 dayDesign and validation of safety functions Sistemahanover, gerSIS
09.09.20201 dayExpert Forum Event Series: Safety & Security in ActionMÖNCHENGLADBACH, GERFOR
17.09.20201 dayExpert Forum Event Series: Safety & Security in ActionHAINICHEN, GERFOR
12.11.20201 dayExpert Forum Event Series: Safety & Security in ActionBECKUM, GERFOR
14.09.20205 daysCertified Safety Engineersulzbach (SAAR), GERCSE
22.09.20203 daysCertified Electrical Safety EngineerSwadzim,PLCES
20.10.20203 daysCertified Electrical Safety Engineerelstead, uKCES
08.12.20203 daysCertified Electrical Safety EngineerHanover, geRCES
22.09.20201 dayProgramming with samos® PLAN 6Bamberg, gerSAM
23.09.20201 dayWie-Service24Bamberg, gerVPN
24.09.20201 daySecurity Basic TrainingBamberg, gerSEC
03.11.20201 dayInspection of optical protection devices (ESPE)Bamberg, gerBWS
05.11.20201 dayValidation of safety application software in machineryBamberg, gerVAL
Request1 dayCalculation of complex safety functionsSPC
Request1 dayMachinery directive, CE declaration and legal liabilityMRL
Request2 daysElectrical automationVDM
Request1 dayFundamentals of functional safety in thermoprocessing plants/machinesTPA
Request1 dayRefresher Seminar – Certified Safety EngineerCRE
Request2 daysWorkshop Cyber Risk Management for Plants and Machines

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