gesis® FLEX 

With its pluggable electrical connections, modularity, and decentralized installation, this device series brings industrial production and workmanship quality to the construction site. The most professional, simplest, safest, and fastest installation method for smart building on the market.

gesis Flex room automation from Wieland


The modular KNX device series gesis® FLEX has been conceived for decentralized installation outside distributors. A device always consists of a base module and up to six extension modules. The modules can control lighting, blinds, and heaters or integrate potential-free contacts into the building automation setup with binary inputs.

With its flat design, one-sided connection, well-thought-out mounting options, and modular extendability, this system fits into almost any installation space. The exclusively pluggable connections enable fast, safe, and easy connection. The mains feed and internal bus are connected automatically when modules are added. The insertion of a feed module enables separate fuse protection for various functions. 

Operation on the module itself makes commissioning and troubleshooting easier. In combination with pluggability, a clear interface is created between system integration and installation. Due to the system’s modularity, changes during the planning, execution, or operating phase can be implemented quickly.


  • As a KNX room controller to control lighting, sun protection, and heating valves
  • Recording of local operating units
  • Mounting in suspended ceilings and raised floors, etc.
  • Simple mounting and pluggable connection
  • Offices, administration buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.
Office building equipped with Wieland’s gesis Flex room automation


  • Direct surface mounting without additional housing
  • Simple and clear installation structure
  • Low fire load
  • Simple and optimized cable management
  • Optimized construction process due to pluggability
Decentralized energy distribution using the Wieland solution


  • Fully integrated into the pluggable electrical installation
  • One physical KNX address for a wide range of functions
  • Up to six extension modules per base module
  • Any combination of extension modules
  • Electrical connection established when adding/extending
  • Manual operation for all devices/modules
  • Easy to mount thanks to mounting frame with cable strain relief
  • Gateways to DALI, EnOcean, and SMI in device design
  • Rail-mounted devices up to 4 pitch units can be integrated
Gesis Flex room automation with a flat cable
Office building exterior



During the refurbishment of the Hotel Walhalla, the plan was also to install efficient and convenient building and room automation for a wide variety of tasks. Baumann Electro AG from St. Gallen recognized early on that it would be difficult to adhere to the prescribed schedule with a “conventional” installation method. What is more, certain parts of the hotel were given cultural heritage status shortly before construction began, which imposed additional requirements in terms of installation practices.


Therefore, the team assembled by the contractor, Baumann Electro AG, which was led by Andreas Sutter and Robin Stauber, got together with Ronny Gasser from Wieland Electric very early on during the planning stage to clarify whether the requirements could be met using the KNX-based gesis® FLEX system from Wieland Electric. It quickly became apparent that the flexibility and modularity that this system offers in connection with the gesis® FLEX installation connector system provide for many advantages over conventional wiring. After a slightly protracted planning period, a modular, flexible concept was developed for the 100 hotel rooms and five ancillary rooms. Robin Stauber said after the tour: “The additional time required for planning was more than made up for during the installation. In retrospect, had we not used this system we would have been committing ‘harakiri’ trying to meet the client’s requirements under this time pressure.”


The new office building of FIT AG, a successful additive manufacturing company, is not just eye-catching, it also meets the requirements in terms of sustainability, energy saving, comfort, and economy. This is possible thanks to demand-oriented automation based on networked building system technology. Great importance was attached to this already at the planning stage. This is because even in the invitation to tender the electrical planners specified a flexible and pluggable concept for the lighting control and IT energy supply, which should also be quick to install. The electrical contractor, Ing. Ludwig Freitag Elektro-GmbH & Co. KG from Parsberg, finally decided in favor of the flexible “gesis® NRG” system and the KNX-based “gesis® FLEX” system from Wieland Electric. “As we had already had a good experience with Wieland Electric and were already familiar with these systems, it was not a difficult choice for us,” said Alois Auer, the project manager responsible from Elektro Freitag.

FIT AG building


How many extension modules can a base module manage?

A base module can control up to 6 extension modules.

Are the gateways also managed by the base modules?

No, the gateways have their own bus connection.

How many physical addresses does one base module with multiple extension modules occupy?

One base module, regardless of how many and what type of extension modules are attached, only needs a single physical address in the KNX system.

Does the module require an additional housing?

No, an additional housing is not necessary.

Where can I get the mating connectors for the module?

For all gesis® FLEX modules there are delivery options that include all the necessary mating connectors. If you already have the module, contact your local sales representative, whom you will find HERE

Does manual operation also work without KNX?

Yes, operation works even without a KNX network and without prior KNX programming.

How do I mount the gesis® FLEX system?

Wieland recommends the quick mounting frame from the gesis® FLEX accessories. This is available in different lengths; in addition to module mounting, it offers a simple cable fastening method. In principle, the module can be placed on flat surfaces without mounting or can be mounted onto a standard mounting rail (TH35). However, any relevant installation regulations that prescribe mounting must be observed.


gesis® ELECTRONIC - Catalog

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gesis® KNX FLEX - Manual

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Produktdatenbank KNX Geräte aktuelles Lieferprogramm

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