gesis® FLEX Gateways

A balance has to be struck between energy saving, efficiency improvement, value preservation, future-proofing, and ensuring the comfort of the building user at the same time. This is precisely why various building bus and automation systems exist. Some trades have partly incorporated their special requirements into their own standards and developed sub-bus systems. These are connected to higher-level automation systems via gateways.

gesis®  FLEX Gateway from Wieland Electric


gesis® FLEX gateways are placed outside distributors as close as possible to the actuators and sensors of the sub-bus system. This enables optimal signal reception when using EnOcean radio technology, for example. Each gateway has its own KNX bus connection as well as a corresponding interface to the sub-bus system and doesn't require a base module from the gesis® FLEX series for operation.

Gesis®  FLEX

In addition to the gesis® FLEX gateways, this device series also includes a modular KNX device designed for installation outside the utility rooms, close to the application. The modular part of the series consists of a KNX base module with added extension modules that take over the actual switching/control functions. As with the gateways, all the electrical connections of the devices are pluggable. The necessary plug connections are either part of the cable system or enclosed with the device as a delivery option.


gesis®  FLEX Gateway from Wieland Electric


The KNX system is the world’s most widely used system in building automation. It is interoperable and standardized across manufacturers. However, there are applications that work with sub-bus systems. These systems, in turn, are designed to be manufacturer-independent. In order for the systems to communicate with each other and to create an effective overall system, gateways between the systems are required.

KNX Gateway from Wieland Electric


In the field of lighting control, DALI is the most popular control system, especially in functional buildings.  Up to 64 luminaires can be controlled individually or in groups in a DALI segment. 
The gesis® FLEX DALI gateway connects a DALI segment to the KNX bidirectionally.

The functionality of the gesis® FLEX gateway ranges from classic group and individual control to switching command and RGBW control, through to tunable white lighting. Status reporting, operating hours monitoring, time controls, and many other functions are also integrated. 

Special emphasis has been placed on the manual control level. This is easy to use and, alongside other functions, allows the connected luminaires to be tested even before system integration. The 5-pole outlet combines energy supply and DALI signal.

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DALI Gateway from Wieland Electric


The EnOcean standard is the established standard for detection of the diverse sensors of a modern and flexible office landscape. Switches, window contacts, and temperature sensors, etc. are connected to the EnOcean gateway by radio. There is no need for batteries in the sensors as the sensors generate their own energy, e.g. with solar cells. 

The gesis® FLEX EnOcean gateways can manage 32 channels, each of which is capable of connecting up to 4 sensors. These channels are bidirectional. This means that EnOcean-based actuators can also be controlled from the KNX.

 A display and the manual control level enable the assignment of sensors to the channels as well as operation of the channels directly on the device. The gateway is supplied exclusively via the KNX. An antenna with a 5 m connection cable enables optimal reception.

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In the field of sunshade control, SMI is a manufacturer-independent control system frequently used in functional buildings.

The SMI gateway establishes the connection between the KNX system and an an SMI segment for controlling up to eight independent SMI drives. 

All the connections of the single-phase supplied module are pluggable. The 5-pole outlet combines energy supply and SMI signal. Further cabling to the drives is done using pluggable round cables or a gesis® NRG flat cable effectively, flexibly, and quickly.

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SMI Gateway from Wieland Electric


Is it possible to program the gateways in the ETS? 

For the gateways there are various KNX applications available that contain basic settings on the KNX side. For the KNX-DALI2 gateway, the ETS has a Device Control App for conveniently configuring the DALI side. In the EnOcean gateway, the radio side can be put into operation on the device itself or with an additional program.

Are the gateways operated using the gesis® FLEX base module? 

No, the gateways are independent KNX devices.

How many devices can be managed via the gateways? 
  • DALI2: Up to 64 DALI ballasts can be managed. The gateway is the DALI master in this harness; no further DALI masters and power supplies are allowed.
  • EnOcean: 32 channels, with different functions for each channel and up to 4 sensors per channel with the same function.
  • SMI: 8 motors can be connected and individually managed. The motors can be from different manufacturers.
Can the DALI gateway be put into operation entirely using the ETS? 

Yes. Some of the parameterization is covered with the help of the ETS “standard” application. For the DALI configuration, a Device Control App from the KNX store (MyKNX) is imported into the ETS. This appears as an additional parameter window on all gesis® FLEX DALI gateways used in the ETS. This app, like the KNX product database, is free of charge, of course.

Which installation locations are suitable for the gesis® FLEX gateways? 

Basically any dry cavity (classic IP 20 dry interior) with sufficient installation space is suitable. Ideally, the gateways, similar to the gesis® FLEX module combinations, are installed in raised floors or under cable trays.


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