Quality is our utmost priority. Our concept of quality encompasses all aspects of development, manufacturing and sales.

Strong in every situation 

Wieland Electric – a reliable partner in times of crisis 
Wieland's strength in manufacturing is its clear focus on Germany and Europe. All Wieland Electric products are manufactured in Europe and for the most part at the headquarters in Bamberg. Wieland scores with a lean, clearly structured and transparent production and supply chain which is still efficient even in the current situation. The advantage: fast action and highest delivery reliability for the benefit of the customers, even in times of crisis. Particularly now, we want to ensure that qualitatively perfect products are delivered completely and on the agreed date to the locations specified by the customer.  

Slenderness is strength  

Wieland's strength in manufacturing is its clear focus on Europe: All plastic and metal components of Wieland products are manufactured exclusively in Germany at the Bamberg headquarters. Only the assembly – i.e. the joining of the individual parts –  takes place in the Czech Republic and Serbia. Wieland scores with a lean, clearly structured and transparent production and supply chain. 
The advantage: fast action for the benefit of the customers, especially when crises are imminent. Wieland thus stands for highest delivery reliability and ensures that qualitatively perfect products are delivered completely and on time to the locations specified by the customer. 

A double quality promise  

Especially in exceptional situations it is easier said than done: No compromises in quality! However, quality means more to Wieland than just certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Even if negative influencing factors dominate or even threaten market activities, 
Wieland guarantees quality due to its lean production and supply chain:  

  1. Technically functional quality, i.e. " error-free " and tested products, not only high quality, but also highly reliable and durable;
  2. Integral quality - the ability to integrate the products into the customer's processes, which above all means: availability at the right time and in the right place.

Competence in times of crisis  

To put it in a nutshell: Thanks to the lean structure, Wieland can act with foresight, according to the motto: Act – and not just react!  In this way the ability to deliver is only impaired in exceptional cases and customer orders can be processed without friction. This is exactly what makes Wieland a reliable 
partner – no matter what disruptive factors are currently or will be disruptive to the world market. 


1) Against the background that Wieland is an internationally operating company: How does Wieland deal with the corona virus?

Wieland takes the issue very seriously and naturally follows the general guidelines that are intended to prevent further spread of the virus. Wieland maintains a sales office in Shanghai. At the international Wieland locations, we keep traveling to a minimum, meetings are held via video conferencing and employees work from home, if necessary. 

2) What effects does the corona virus have on Wieland's ability to supply?  

Wieland manufactures most of its products at its Bamberg headquarters in Germany. In addition, we are in close contact with our suppliers in order to identify possible effects on their supply chain at an early stage and to be able to react appropriately. Of course, we are available for you both by telephone and digitally. However, due to the still dynamic situation, isolated delivery delays cannot be completely avoided. The reasons for this are usually individual supply bottlenecks and potential shortfalls among delivery service providers. Of course, even in these difficult times, our main focus remains on ensuring delivery reliability and consistently optimal quality.

3) What measures does Wieland take to protect its employees and their contact persons from the corona virus in the best possible way?

The most important thing is internal education, which is the top priority: Employees are sensitized to hygiene - washing their hands, keeping sufficient distance from others, observing the coughing and sneezing etiquette and disinfecting surfaces used by different people.

Environmental protection

As a family enterprise, we also take responsibility for the environment. As early as in the design stage, we pay close attention to saving resources in the subsequent manufacturing process. Existing raw materials are used completely wherever possible, and waste is recycled in a targeted manner. Our environmental management system, which is geared toward ISO 14001:2015 and EMAS certification, is a testimony to our success.

Our solutions and products are used in sustainable forms of energy. In the field of renewable energy, we provide efficient electrical installation solutions for wind power and solar plants, among others. In addition to clean energy production, we also promote energy savings in facilities. Through our innovative concepts in facility automation, we lower energy demand by 30% and heating demand by 50%. With our solutions and components, we thus support clean and efficient energy generation.

our numbers regarding Environmental protection

Renewable Energy

In our company, we exclusively use renewable energy - for our buildings and our production. 

Energy Saving

We significantly reduce your need for electrical energy. 

Heat Energy

With our systems you save not only electrical energy but also heating energy. 

100%renewable energy
30%saving of energy
50%less heating energy

Quality Management System

The manufacturing of our products and the continuous improvement of environmental performance are supported by a process-oriented management system. The system represents an essential element of documented company knowledge. For this purpose, we have obtained matrix certification according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and additional standards.



Our products are our passion. Their quality is our pledge. Driven to create extremely durable and functional products, we can look back on many years of experience. Our products are continuously improved and checked. This is how we ensure the best possible quality for you.


Do you have any questions? In addition to our planning tools, please do not hesitate to consult our industry experts.


Safety is our top priority. That is why we offer comprehensive training programs for prospects. The targeted courses are conducted by experts. In hands-on seminars, you will gain up-to-date expert knowledge on laws, guidelines and standards in a concise format. We help you maintain an overall perspective on functional safety!


We deliver our products with a delivery reliability rate of over 95%

  • in the right quantity
  • at the agreed time
  • at your desired destination


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