gesis® RAN

These Distribution Boxes enable decentralized installation of the electronics close to the load. The range of applications extends from pure energy distribution in buildings to building automation and through to industrial plants (e.g. solar and wind power plants). They are designed individually and can therefore be used almost universally.

gesis® RAN

your perfect Distribution Boxes

  1. We define these Distribution Boxes with our customers on the basis of the usage requirements
  2. Once approved, the customer receives the drawings
  3. The housings are then made, components are assembled and wired, labels are affixed, and any simple programming is installed.
  4. The finished distributor is tested according to an agreed testing plan.
  5. Delivery is made to the intended destination according to the delivery schedule and may contain additional parts, such as connectors and cable assembles.


From the size of a pack of Tempo tissues to the room-high installation column 
MaterialGalvanized sheet steel, on request powder-coated, 
plastic (fixed dimensions), 
die-cast aluminum (fixed dimensions)
From Wieland or provided by the customer, as per customer wishes
Electrical interfaces
Connectors from Wieland
Adapters to gesis® flat cables
Cable screw glands
Various types of cable entries
FasteningsFrom simple long-slot to mounting frame
Usability of fixturesFrom simple openings in the cover to sealable transparent hinged covers
Heat removalTransmission
Passive through integrated openings
Forced ventilation with fans


DISTRIBUTION BOXES - customized solutions - Brochure

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configurate your individual solution with our GESIS® PLAN planning software
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