samos® PRO COMPACT is the programmable, modular, and flexible safety control system for your machinery and equipment.


Safety - all in one

You want to implement security tasks easily and benefit from versatile functions? With samos® PRO COMPACT we provide performance, flexibility and safety in only one device. In addition to inputs of up to 70 kHz, our compact power pack has a switching capacity of 4 A and numerous interfaces. This makes samos® PRO COMPACT not only a safety controller, but also a real all-rounder for your application.

In the PLUS version, our controller has special libraries with first-class added value.

  • Motion
  • Presses
  • Muting
  • Analog
  • Combustion technology

Our compact power pack
Safe, powerful and flexible

70 kHzinput
4 Aswitching power
45 mmconstruction width

Certified with safety

samos® PRO COMPACT is also certified for your safety application.  

  • Elevators (EN 81/20, EN 81/50)
  • Presses (EN 692/EN 693)
  • Process industry (EN/IEC 61511)
  • Combustion plants (EN 50156/EN 746)


Scalable for your machine

Thanks to its high scalability, samos®PRO COMPACT is suitable for any system. Thus, our safety control can also be adapted to your machine size. 

Comfortable communication

Integrated Ethernet protocols ensure the communication of your machines. 

Integrated in the basic module: 

  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP

Via external gateways: 

  • CANopen
  • EtherCAT

Flexible due to numerous interfaces

In addition to the Ethernet interface, samos®PRO COMPACT has mini USB and SD card ports. Your machine can thus be flexibly programmed and programs can be quickly duplicated or exchanged. This speeds up commissioning and reduces machine downtimes enormously. 

fast programmed, fast verified

In combination with our intuitive software samos®PLAN 6, the verification of your machine becomes child's play. Instead of programming safety functions, we rely on parameterization with certified function blocks, thus simplifying the approval process for you. 

Easy programming

samos® PLAN6

Programming made easy! Try out our license-free programming software samos® PLAN 6 for the samos® PRO COMPACT series.  

samos® PLAN 6 assists PLC programmers, electrical design engineers, and developers with the planning, validation, verification, and documentation of the safety application. Access samos® PLAN 6 directly here.

samos® PLAN6

Technical Data

Construction width45 mm
Switching power4 A
Inputs/outputs16 safe inputs, 4 safe outputs
Terminal clampsScrew terminals or push-in terminals
Working temperature-25°C to +65°C
Storage temperatureUp to +75°C
Integrated Ethernet protocolsPROFINET, EtherNet/IP und Modbus TCP


Safety from all over the world

remote maintenance

With samos®PLAN 6 and the integrated Ethernet interface, you are connected to your system worldwide and save expensive service calls. 

  • Initial diagnosis via LEDs, touch panels or PLC 
  • Remote diagnosis via integrated Ethernet 
  • Remote access to samos®PRO via VPN router 
  • Remote via LAN, WLAN or mobile phone 
  • Fast troubleshooting during machine downtime 
  • Advanced security against manipulation

Special libraries: also suitable for your application


No matter whether you want to evaluate, monitor or visualize analog sensors for level monitoring, minimum/maximum pressure, flows and quantities of media of any kind, temperature monitoring or simply external universal transmitters - we offer you TÜV certified function modules for monitoring:

  • Safe Limits
  • Safe Relations
  • Safe Differences
  • Safe Ranges

More Information


samos® PRO COMPACT is also the right choice for safe speed, direction and position monitoring. Verify your machine one-to-one according to the standard with our motion library. 

  • Reliable standstill monitoring
  • Safe direction
  • Safe speed range
  • Safely limited speed
  • Safe speed monitoring
  • Safely limited position

More Information



0881.1 | 2 MB

SAFE ANALOG MODULE - samos®PRO COMPACT - Product Information

0866.1 | 1 MB

SAFE MOTION - samos®PRO MOTION - Brochure

0865.1 | 5 MB

safety - Catalog

0860.1 | 53 MB

Safety Manual Functional Safety - Brochure

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