• 29.07.2019


Both humans and animals benefit from mobile chicken farming. It is humane and sustainable. It is particularly easy and flexible for farmers - even for newcomers and career changers - if they use farmermobil’s mobile chicken coops. Equipped with pluggable electrical connections made by Wieland Electric, these coops can be erected, dismantled, maintained, extended, and retrofitted even without a qualified electrician.

Mobile chicken coops offer entirely new possibilities in humane animal husbandry. Compared with conventional stationary coops they impress with their mobility and flexibility, allowing meadows to be used to their full potential. The animals enjoy their varied open-air runs, feel good, and live healthy lives. This is humane and an important argument for the end consumer.


High-tech mobile chicken coops

What makes things perfect is if the mobile coop systems also make life easier for the farmer - as the manufacturer farmermobil manages to do with the innovative construction and equipment of its coops. Every mobile chicken coop from farmermobil is operated via a state-of-the-art coop computer. Webcams observe the chickens outside and inside. The lighting, ventilation, feed and water supply, and the opening and closing of the flaps to the open-air runs and tilting floor nests - everything is controlled and monitored fully automatically. If a fault occurs, the coop computer sends an SMS to the operator’s phone. The energy required for this high-tech equipment is supplied by batteries in the vehicle which can be charged with 230 V or optionally using a photovoltaic system. With this the entire coop operation will keep running on 24 V.


Pluggable electrical installation makes things so much easier

Lighting, drives, ventilation, and energy generation and storage - all these components as well as the entire electrical infrastructure are pluggable in farmermobil’s mobile coops. This saves time and money. With a little skill and experience, farmers themselves can deal with tasks which they would otherwise have to wait for tradesmen to handle. Erection, dismantling, maintenance, extension, and retrofitting can be taken care of easily, quickly, and error-free. In addition, the pluggable connections ensure that everything in the mobile chicken coop is “pecking-safe”. There are no hanging cables or wires that could interest curious chickens. The entire electrical installation is tidied away where chicken’s beaks cannot reach it. The components of the innovative electrical installation in the mobile coops are provided courtesy of Wieland Electric from Bamberg.


Wieland plugs in farming

The advantages of Wieland’s plug connectors are known and appreciated elsewhere in farming too. They are used anywhere where quick and easy installations and automation solutions are required. Generally speaking, they are found in ventilation systems and lighting, in the water supply for sprinkler systems or greenhouses, and in drive motors or submersible pumps. In interior spaces as well as in damp rooms or outdoors. After all, with high IP protection and resistance to chemicals, Wieland connectors can also be used in areas in which only a permanent installation with cables was previously possible. Franz-Heinrich Veltrup, Managing Partner of farmermobil, values the collaboration with the company from Bamberg: “Wieland Electric simply has the experience you need if you want to take a fresh look at things. The engineers of both companies got together to work out what we need for our products, and then the ideal solution was developed for us. The perfect partner. Thank you!”


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