• 29.07.2019
The future of electrical installation is pluggable
ITG and Wieland realize smart solutions together

Architecture at its finest. Sleek, puristic, and very aesthetic is how the new building looks that belongs to ITG Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Gebäudeausstattung in Eching, Landshut. The interior is dominated by glass, wood, and exposed concrete. In addition, all the rooms have elegant ceiling panels that only reveal their functional side when you take a second glance. They provide space for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting in the new building. The engineers and technicians from Landshut have realized their building’s automation and electrical infrastructure together with systems supplier Wieland. In their own rooms they now show how electrical installation can and must look if it is to meet the increasing demands of clients, investors, planners, architects, and obviously users in the future.


The relationship was forged many years ago. It was back in 1999 when ITG first realized a major project using Wieland’s innovative pluggable connections rather than a conventional electrical installation. And it has done so repeatedly since then. ITG Managing Director Rainer Stierstorfer recalls: “When we worked with Wieland’s electrical plug connections for the first time almost twenty years ago we were particularly impressed by the economic viability and flexibility of the system. Then over the years we have also got to know the company as a capable and reliable partner that addresses customer needs in a very individualized manner and comes up with smart solutions in response to the ideas of investors, planners, and architects. There was never any doubt that we would only opt for Wieland products and applications for our own new building.”


The new ITG building - Modern workplace and showroom

So, not only are the new rooms the ideal working environment for ITG’s 40 employees, they also serve as a showroom for interested parties and show what modern electrical installation and building automation can achieve if it is planned thoughtfully and realized using the right products.


Saving time and money with pluggable installation

Bamberg electrical company Wieland is regarded as the inventor of safe electrical connection technology and is currently the global market leader in pluggable installations in commercial buildings. The universally pluggable system, from the distributor to the electrical device, consists of components which have been prefabricated and tested at the factory and are guaranteed to boast the same quality of workmanship. This makes project and process steps easier to calculate. Assembly times can be reduced by up to 70 percent compared with conventional installation. Total costs are lowered by 30 percent. This flexible, pluggable system also helps with modifications and extensions as the installation is quick and easy to adjust. Defective equipment and components can be replaced in no time at all. Even smart home solutions are easy to realize with this pluggable system as it offers interfaces to all building services.


Pluggable installation as the answer to the shortage of skilled workers 

The smart system therefore helps to save time and costs. It is also the solution to an issue that has been concerning the construction industry for quite some time and which will not get any easier: the shortage of skilled workers. While the level of construction work is consistently high and technology is increasingly sophisticated, there are fewer and fewer qualified assembly personnel. And this trend is continuing.

This is where the Wieland system really impresses. With its high degree of prefabrication, quality is already delivered with the product and is less dependent on the on-site installation. The latter is also made easier thanks to mechanical and color codings and locking devices, so the electrotechnical connection can also be established by a trained professional. As before, a skilled worker or master craftsman will bear overall responsibility and will perform the safety acceptance inspections and tests on the installation. But the assembly work beforehand is far easier, quicker, and safer to perform compared with conventional installation.


The future of electrical installation is pluggable 

Rainer Stierstorfer mentions another important point: “The trend in construction is clearly toward modular design, system construction, and prefabrication. More and more system solutions are pre-planned and pre-assembled. So the future in electrical installation is certainly pluggable.”


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