• 29.07.2019
Trend toward miniaturization: Ultra-small connector for lighting and industrial applications 

With the RST MICRO, Wieland Electric presents a miniature connector which, at less than 15 mm in diameter, meets the highest demands on design and flexibility. This connector is particularly suited to areas where the technology is becoming smaller all the time, calling for constantly downscaled electrical connections, such as in lighting, in an industrial environment, but equally in shipbuilding or equipment engineering. 


It is a massive trend – products that were once large are becoming ever smaller. The best example are LED lights. They are ever brighter, ever more efficient, and ever more compact. And there is no stopping this miniaturization in other areas too. Large industrial control systems are downsized, and electrical equipment has greater functionality. Material is spared, and cross-sections are reduced. To make this new microtechnology work, electrical connection technology has to follow suit.


Miniature connector for extra-low-voltage and network applications

Bamberg company Wieland Electric presents the RST Micro, a miniature connector which has been designed specifically for extra-low-voltage applications. The 2 to 3-pole connector with a diameter of less than 15 mm is optimized for the interface between voltage or current sources and LED modules. It is also perfectly suited to the industrial environment. Thanks to its rated values, network applications are no problem either. Four mechanical and color-coded connections ensure that different applications are safely separated.

Particularly small and unobtrusive, easy to operate without any disruptive locking geometries, protected against any strain, and sealed, the RST Micro is a connector which, thanks to its compact design and functionality, is unique on the market.


Pluggable installation saves time and money

Just like the bigger members of the RST product family, the miniature connector RST Micro also makes installation particularly easy, quick, and safe. The universally pluggable RST system – from the distributor to the electrical device – consists of components which have been prefabricated and tested at the factory and are guaranteed to boast the same quality of workmanship. This makes project and process steps easier to calculate. Assembly times can be reduced by up to 70 percent compared with conventional installation. Total costs are lowered by 30 percent. This flexible, pluggable system also helps with modifications and extensions as the installation is quick and easy to adjust. Defective equipment can be replaced in no time at all.


Optional water-stop feature for outdoor use

To ensure that not even a single drop of water can paralyze the technology, especially when it is used outside, the RST Micro is also available with an optional water-stop feature. Any moisture that does get inside is prevented by an internal sealing system from continuing along and causing damage to the entire installation. The leaky part can be isolated and purposefully repaired.


Technical data

Rated voltage: ~50/-120V; 250V; 250/400V

Rated current: 8A

Protection rating: IP66/68/69 + optional water-stop feature


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