• June 2023
  • Press Release


"80 Seconds - New Building" Summit in Berlin: High need for serial building and great demand for clever installation solutions like Wieland PREFAB.

In Germany, 400,000 new apartments are to be built each year. This means that a new apartment would have to be completed every 80 seconds in Germany. How this can be achieved was recently discussed at the "80 Seconds - New Building" Summit in Berlin. For the first time, the networking event brought all decision-makers and innovators from politics, the construction and real estate industries together at one table in the Gartenfeld Quarter in Berlin to develop solutions for change in the construction industry.  

As it turned out at the summit, the federal government's goal is only feasible and affordable through serial construction with industrially manufactured elements and modules. A decisive role is also played by the electrical installation, which can be optimally integrated into the prefabrication with the help of the new PREFAB system from Wieland Electric. Fortunately, the Bamberg-based technology company was given the opportunity to present the advantages of its solution at the event via its cooperation partner JUNG (Albrecht Jung GmbH): Deniz Turgut, Head of Marketing at JUNG, showed in his keynote speech how the pluggable, industrially prefabricated electrical installation systems support speedy and error-free assembly, reduce time-consuming work on the construction site and contribute to savings in time, personnel and resources. 

The response of the participants was correspondingly positive, as Thomas Nieborg, Product Information Manager, and Peter Kauf, Head of Strategic Project Infrastructure/Prefab at Wieland Electric, report: "In fact, all of the discussion partners told us that they had been literally waiting for our solutions for effective, fast, error-free and digitally plannable electrical installation. This starts with end-product manufacturers who want to deliver their equipment in pluggable form in the future and extends to manufacturers who want to integrate our solutions into their concrete elements."  

 In addition to well thought-out installation concepts, digitization also plays a key role in the transformation of the construction industry. With PREFAB, Wieland is also in tune with the times and, with the help of digital tools, contributes to smooth and more predictable construction processes. "With PREFAB, we are breaking new ground in many respects," says Peter Kauf, who explains the new Wieland business model as follows: "In addition to solutions tailored precisely to the requirements of modular and serial construction, we offer support for architects, planners and construction companies in all construction phases - from the first concept to commissioning. To that end, we're also driving digitization to make it easy to configure the solutions and integrate them into a BIM design, and deliver the customer the right products at the time they need them in their process." 


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