Safety sensor technology

sensor PRO

Sensors from the sensor PRO series ensure effective protection of individuals in machine building and system engineering. The sensor PRO series includes safety sensors for contactless detection, like e.g. magnetic switches, light curtains and light grids, as well as mechanical safety relays, emergency stop buttons and interlocks with guardlocking.

Safety relays

safe RELAY

Safety relays of the safe RELAY series offer customized solutions for the safety of man and machine. Compact design, flexibility in application, and variable connectivity options are the decisive advantages of this device, comprehensively for all safety functions.

Safety modules


This safety system with multifunctional, hard-coded basic modules has easily configurable safety functions. It is connected in modules following the "Lego principle" and so is able to grow with the respective safety task, module by module.

Safety control


samos® PRO COMPACT, the next generation safety controller.

Wieland Electric has expanded its samos® and samos® PRO system with the release of samos® PRO COMPACT series. The new samos® PRO COMPACT modules offering up to 20 safe inputs and 8 safe outputs at a width of only 45 mm already in the base module. With integrated USB, Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet communication.

The new powerful programming software samos® PLAN 6 is for free. It offers automatic hardware configuration, flexible programming with many screens and integrated motion functionality. Furthermore the customers can benefit from important features like integrated simulation, logic analysis, online diagnosis and forcing.

Through its extensive functionality, the compact design and the user-friendly software, these modules can already cover many different safety applications optimally and cost-effectively. With no extra effort the new modules can be quickly integrated in Ethernet-based networks, so that solutions can be implemented for remote maintenance. If necessary, the new modules from the COMPACT-family can be extended up to 168 safe inputs / outputs. Therefore samos® PRO COMPACT is also perfectly suited for small, medium or large machines and applications

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Added value and service


Wieland Electric offers a series of workshops about machine safety. Training contents include hazard and risk analysis, definition and calculation of the requisite safety functions with help from the tool SISTEMA. We also support you during selection and implementation of the required technical protective measures.

Prepare risk assessments in a modular way: simple, fast and in line with legal requirements. The special DOCUFY Machine Safety software can considerably reduce the time and effort needed for preparing risk assessments. It also provides an interface for the free SISTEMA software tool from the IFA (Institute for Occupational Health and Safety).
Test DOCUFY free of charge.