• 27.11.2018
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Easy and safe plug-in. From the distribution box to the device. 

The RST® family is growing and offering even more possibilities.

The success story continues: With the launch of the safe RST connectors series, WIELAND revolutionized outdoor electrical installation. Now, the company has further expanded the RST product group. The Classic series is expanded by a 7-pole version. Effective immediately, new miniature connectors with a diameter smaller of 15 mm are now available.


Easy, fast and safe - The RST® installation philosophy

With the RST® product group, WIELAND offers an integrated pluggable installation system, from the distributor to the device. It enables a comprehensive network of electrical connection technology components, all prefabricated and tested in the factory. The huge flexibility of the system as well as its quick and safe assembly significantly increase the operational readiness of plants. Already upon installation, assembly time is reduced by 80%. In case of usage changes, the installation is simple and easily adapted. Defective devices can be replaced like child's play. 


RST® 20i7 – More poles for greater demands

The requirements for the functionality of luminaires are constantly increasing. In many application areas, luminaires, for example, are required to be dimmable or capable of being operated from ever longer distances. For these increased demands, Wieland is now expanding the existing RST Classic series with a 7-pole version.

The new RST 20i7 is also available with an optional water-stop function, which prevents any penetrated water from continuing along and causing damage to the entire installation. The leaky part is isolated and can be purposefully repaired.

A total of three codings ensure both mechanical and color differentiation of the various circuits. Mechanical coding means that only the male/female pairs that belong together can be inserted, and with the correct polarity. To increase safety, a distinction is drawn between applications with and without protective earth. The compact connectors with key data 250/400V; 600V UL/CSA, 20A, IP 66/68 (3m;2h), 69 offer high modularity and adaptability to the requirements of the application.

In terms of connection technology, users basically have a selection between screw and crimp technology. As an interface to electrical devices, the system offers straight and angled adapters for all standard housing bores (for M16, M20, M25). All devices can therefore easily be converted to RST without changing tools.

WIELAND is a system supplier and naturally supports customers in planning.


RST® MICRO – Miniature connectors for LED luminaires and signals

With the advent of LED technology, illumination has changed and gained in importance, particularly in outdoor areas. There is now a whole host of innovative luminaires available. Connecting electrical installations have to meet increased requirements for these new modern luminaires.

Wieland Electric is responding to these new requirements, launching the RST® MICRO, a miniature connector, specially designed for LED luminaires and signals. The 2 to 3-pole connector with a diameter of less than 15 mm is optimized for the interface between voltage or current sources and LED modules.

Like the RST® 20i7, the RST® miniature connector is also available with an optional water-stop feature.


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