• 14.02.2020
Office world 4.0



Think tanks, free choice of seats, temperature control via app - the Smart Office is coming! New Work redefines old work concepts. To ensure that the working environment also matches the jobs of tomorrow, office space must become more individual, flexible and productive. Intelligent energy and data supply helps to achieve this. At the Light & Building in Frankfurt, Wieland Electric will show how pluggable, decentralized building installation and automation can make the office fit for the future.


Always new - always different: flexibility is required

Fixed office layout is a thing of the past. Today, rooms must adapt quickly to changing situations. For example, because the number of employees varies or the requirements for office space change in the medium term. For example, quiet individual offices are then needed, a conference room for the important customer meeting or the large table for creative brainstorming. Office 4.0 must be flexible and multifunctional. Sounds good, but it must also be realisable. This can be achieved if the technology goes along with it. The smart electrical installation concept from Wieland Electric creates perfect conditions. The universal pluggable system from the distribution to the consumer ensures clear installation structures. Flat cables supply floor tanks and consolidation points with and without decentralised fuse protection, so that energy can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Pluggable installation can even be continued in the furniture. Thanks to pluggability, extensions and restructuring can be carried out quickly and without effort.

Temperature and light - simply controlled via app

In the smart office, employees also benefit from additional functions. Temperature and brightness can be controlled easily and individually. Rooms can be darkened for presentations if required. The lighting at the workplace is adjusted as required and the brightness is automatically adjusted according to the amount of daylight.  
Wieland also has the right solutions for this with modular, decentralised and directly pluggable KNX systems - for lighting control with DALI and sun protection with switch contacts or via SMI. This means that the savings potential with regard to the cables to be laid is high. 

Pluggable installation makes planning simple for modular construction

Not only the flexibility of the Wieland system is convincing, it also scores with reduced assembly work for initial installation and conversion. Up to 70 per cent time and 30 per cent cost savings can be achieved. The factory assembled and tested components guarantee a constant quality of execution and make project and process sequences more calculable. In addition, planning becomes easier. Because today's administrative buildings are often built in modular design. Once planned, the installation can be easily duplicated with the Wieland system. Effort saved!


Wieland at the Light & Building in Frankfurt

You can experience the smart solutions from Wieland Electric for the office of tomorrow in a very practical way at the Light & Building from 27 September to 02 October (Hall 12, Stand B60, Hall 8, Stand C50) in Frankfurt.



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