Sensors of the sensor PRO series ensure the effective protection of people in machine building and system engineering. The sensor PRO series includes contactless safety sensors, such as transponder switches, solenoid switches, light grids, light curtains, and rotary encoders as well as mechanical safety switches, such as emergency stop buttons, position switches, and guard controls.

SLC series safety light curtains 

  • Are ideal for realizing optoelectronic protective devices
  • Fields of application: Securing danger zones, area protection, access control

SLD series safety light grids 

  • Are optoelectronic personal protective devices
  • Fields of application: Controlling access to hazardous areas on machinery and equipment

SENC series safe rotary encoders 

  • Record information about the location and angle of the drive axle as an absolute value or as an incremental value
  • Offer a higher resolution, simpler assembly, and a more robust mechanism than proximity sensors

SNH series emergency stop buttons 

  • Ensure the safety of man and machine
  • Impress with their simple and time-saving assembly and can be used in many applications across various sectors

SIN series safety switches with guard control 

  • Are particularly suitable for monitoring the position of movable guards
  • Prevent the unintentional opening of safety doors or flaps
  • Fields of application: Machines with coasting movements

SMS series safety switches with a separate actuator 

  • Are ideal for protecting people and processes
  • Available in three different models

SLS series safe position switches 

  • Are used for safe position monitoring

STS series contactless safety switches 

  • Feature maximum manipulation protection
  • Are used for monitoring the position of isolating protective devices

SMA series encoded solenoid switches 

  • Are magnetic safety sensors
  • Are used for contactless safety door and position monitoring



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