CSE – Certified Safety Engineer

The seminar provides the necessary legal basics and understanding of standards to evaluate the safety of machinery and to design and calculate safety functions. The seminar is a cooperation with Hydac, SGS-TÜV Saar and Wieland. It covers the safety aspects of electronics, hydaulics and pneumatics.

CESE - Certified Electrical Safety Engineer

The course provides the required legal basics and understanding of standards needed to properly evaluate the functional safety of a machine and to design and calculate safety functions. This is a  cooperative course between Wieland and SGS-TÜV Saar covering the safety aspects of machinery and equipment with a focus on electrotechnology.

Inspection of optical protection devices (ESPE)

The seminar provides the necessary legal basics and understanding of standards to design, validate and inspect safety equipment usind optical protection devices (ESPE). In addition the initial and repetitive evaluation, test and inspection of the ESPE is performed in practice.

Design and validation of safety functions Sistema

The objective of the seminar is to get used to the modeling and calculation of safety functions by using structures and categories of EN ISO 13849-1 using Sistema. Besides the common solution the seminar adresses limitations of the EN ISO 13849-1 and shows approaches for solutions not based on the structures foreseen by the standard.

Validation of safety application software in machinery

The validation of functional safety software is usually a significant challange for the machine builder, even if safety PLCs are used. This is true as there no clear drafts exist on effort and way how to perform the validation. The seminar shows the required aspects in a comprehensive manner. It reflects the attributes of typical development platforms on the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1 and shows how flexibility, development and validation effort depend on typical tool and platform features.

Calculation of complex safety functions according to EN ISO 13849-1

The seminar explains methods of modelling and calculation of safety functions according to EN ISO 13484-1 which do not follow the schemes given in the standard. In addition the modellin in Sistema will presented. The focus is on safety functions which do not follow the simple scheme input-logic-output.

Programming with Samos Plan 6

The seminar covers the operation and use of samos® PLAN 6 and the associated safety PLC samos® PRO COMPACT. The focus is on pracical aspects like design, coding, validation and verification of safety functions in practical use.

Wie-Service24 - VPN Service for beginners

The workshop gives a practical introduction into the world of VPN (virtual private networks). The theoretical part deals with basiks and the limitation of mobile communication as well as the VPN and IP basics. The subsequent practical part will allow the participants to use the just learned in some sample applications.

Machinery directive, CE declaration and legal liability

The semniar covers questions around the safety of machinery from the perspective of the management. Especially the legal aspepcts of purchasing, operation and sales of machinery within the european market is our focus.

Elektrische Automation: Sicherheitsfunktionen pragmatisch und „einfach“ realisieren

Die Risikobeurteilung für die Maschine ist fertiggestellt. Nun ist der Automatisierungstechniker gefordert: Es gilt, auf Basis der Spezifikation die Sicherheitsfunktionen detailliert auszuarbeiten, die geeigneten Geräte auszuwählen, in konkrete sicherheitstechnische Schaltungen umzusetzen und zu bewerten. Das Kompaktseminar thematisiert die fachspezifische Umsetzung der Funktionalen Sicherheit im Bereich Automatisierungstechnik und liefert zahlreiche praktische Fallbeispiele.

Retrofit of used machinery and the significant modification

The retrofit of machinery in exiting production units is daily practice. The when and if a new CE after a retrofit of an old machine is necessary, and by which methods the new CE can be avoided will be discussed. In addition it is explaind how the combination of machines is affecting the CE.

Basics of functional safety

The seminar provides the basics of the legal background and the standards with respect to evaluation of functional safety of machinery. Objective of the seminar is to obtain a basic understanding of the safety principles and to get used to the most relevant standards and terms.

Security basics

IT security is gaining increasing relevance, even in machinery and process control. The day seminar offers all relevant basic skills with respect to security hazards and defences. Avoid standstill of your machinery by dealing systematically with machinery security. You receive orientation through actual standards and get information about actual hazards for used components.

Workshop cyber risc assessment for machinery

Within this workshop you will develop, together with your team, an individual risk assessment according to the concept of a cyber FMEA, to analyse hazards and effects in the area of IT security. You will create an tool supported risk assessment and deduct from there, based on risk scores, the necessary measures and a security road map for your machinery.

Experten Forum

Das Thema Maschinensicherheit bereitet Ihnen Kopfzerbrechen und vor den neuesten Richtlinien nehmen Sie lieber Reißaus? Dann kommen Sie zu uns ins Experten Forum. Dort beantworten wir Ihre Fragen rund um die funktionale Sicherheit von Maschinen. Von rechtlichen Grundlagen bis zu praxisorientierten Lösungen informieren wir Sie über alles, was Sie wissen müssen.

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